St Francis Friesians

Brief Friesian History

The bold majestic Friesian comes from an area of the Netherlands known as Friesland. This is an area rich in agriculture and has expansive grasslands. The country is an old one dating back to approximately 500B.C., hence the history of the Friesian is long.

The Friesian horse is a descendent of the equus robustus ( meaning large horse). At approximately the 16th century Arabian blood was introduced and gave the Friesian the beautiful high action which is sought after. The Andalusian blood was also introduced.

The resulting horse was a very strong, bold steed which carried many a soldier off to war.

During the 18th century crossbreeding became very popular. If it weren't for a group of people who loved this beautiful breed, the Friesian would have been lost forever. The Dutch registry is the most strict of all of the Friesian registries and is signified by the initials FPS.

To be a certified Dutch Friesian and entered into the Friesian Studbook, the standard states that a Friesian horse must have a height of 1.58m. at the withers at the age of 2.5 years old.  At the age of four this height must be no less than 1.60m. Mares and geldings must be no less than 1.50cm. Ster mares 1.55cm, and model mares 1.58cm. A horse must be from a sire and a dam registered in one of the books. Only approved stallions can be presented at the stallion examination show in the spring.

Black is the only acceptable color but a little white star between the eyes is allowed.